Friday Barndo Tour

We offer potential buyers an opportunity to view three Barndominiums once a month on a Friday at 9:00 AM (by appointment only).
If you want to attend one of our Barndominium tours, you must be in one of the counties we build and must already have land to attend tour. To see list of counties we serve, CLICK HERE

The first Barndo is 2,730 sq. ft. with Continuous roof, custom cabinets, concrete countertops, and many other custom features. It has 2 carports, a shop, and a man cave.
The second Barndo is ~1,500 sq. ft. with Continuous roof and is a basic build with very few upgrades.
The third Barndo is ~2,300 sq. ft. and has a pitch roof* with many upgrades such as custom cabinets, granite countertops, wood floors, 11 ft. ceilings in living room, etc.

Barndo's are located 25 minutes south of San Antonio, TX.
Barndo's are approximately 25 miles apart from each other, so expect to drive about 50 miles total. Tour will take approximately three hours to complete.
Some of the roads are dirt roads. We have never had issues with low cars, but it's always a possibility that roads can be rough.

*Pitch roof costs an additional $5 per sq.ft. more than our standard Continuous Roof.